agjencia e prokurimit publik - free online typing courses

How fast can you type "AGJENCIA  E  PROKURIMIT  PUBLIK"? Currently, this minitest has been passed by people from 2 countries, played most by people from Albania, followed by Macedonia [FYROM].

Your typing course test will be automatically evaluated after you successfully write the phrase.

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There are just 3 simple rules:

  • If you make a mistake, you have to repeat the course. To start over, press ALT+R.
  • Type all the text in lower case letters.
  • After you finish typing, press the Finish button to save your results.

How hard is writing "agjencia e prokurimit publik" for you?
I am the best25%
I am very fast24%
I need to practice25%
I am not able to write it26%

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